Dr John Tran


How long have you been practising medicine?

I graduated from the University of Queensland’s School of Medicine in 1997. 

I then worked throughout south-east Queensland in various capacities – from the Mater and Logan Hospitals to St George, Dirranbandi, Surat and Bundaberg before finally settling in Albany Creek.

How long have you been practising medicine in the Albany Creek area?

I attained my GP fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practice in 2004 whilst working in Albany Creek.

It’s a great place for families and I’ve enjoyed being part of the local community, playing a positive role in the ongoing health of my patients who live and work in the area.

What inspired you to become a Doctor?

Medicine has allowed me to connect with people on a very personal level. It provides an opportunity for me to be a key support factor through both the highs and lows of my patients and their family’s health.

I see one of my greatest roles in being someone’s doctor, is to ensure they never feel alone in their times of need. Witnessing the impact of compassion, kindness and inclusion on others is one of the most rewarding things I could hope for as a doctor.

The science of medicine is my other inspiration. The human body is both wonderful and complex: seeing the positive impacts that medicine can have on it are truly awe-inspiring. A desire to understand these impacts and their complexities is a key driver for me both personally and professionally.

What’s your passion personally?

I’m a self-confessed foodie. I love everything about food: cooking it, eating it, learning about it, talking about it, travelling for it.

What’s your passion professionally?

I believe that the best outcomes are achieved when I work collaboratively with my patients on their ongoing health management. It contributes to a much better and more positive patient experience, where they feel like they have ownership over their health plan and outcomes.

As part of this collaborative process, I ensure my patients are equipped with accurate information so they can make wise choices about their care. This builds strong levels of trust between my patients and myself and also encourages clear and honest lines of communication.

My key areas of interest are men’s health, lifestyle management, paediatrics and aged care.

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