Dr Irikidzai (Iriki) Mugebe


I commenced practising medicine over twenty years ago in 1998.

How long have you been practising medicine in the Albany Creek area?

I am new in the Albany Creek area and commenced practicing here in January 2022. We moved to the local area from Rockhampton where I lived and worked in the hospital and general practice for over 10 years.

What inspired you to become a doctor?

My mother worked as a nurse for over forty years. She passionately talked about the health needs in our communities and how that can be addressed by having more doctors, nurses, and other health personnel I was inspired by her commitment to help the sick people and I decided to become a doctor.

What’s your passion personally?

My passion is in family development. I love to invest every possible minute into family time, both nuclear and extended alike.

What’s your passion professionally?

My passion is helping patients struggling with mental health to be functional members of the society.

I am most interested in adolescent health, women’s health and preventative medicine.

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