Dr George Georgas


How long have you been practising medicine?

I graduated from the University of Queensland School of Medicine in 1994. I then spent the next three years in the hospital setting where I gained the experience needed to prepare me for my career in General Practice. It was during my time training at the Royal Children’s Hospital where I developed a special interest in paediatrics and worked to gain an advanced understanding in this area of medicine. I loved working with the children and their families.

How long have you been practising medicine in the Albany creek area?

I started General Practice in 1998. My first General Practice roles were in Albany Creek and Aspley. During my first year out, I continued to maintain my role and subsequent skill development within the hospital environment by working in the Emergency Department of a private hospital.

I fortunately became well known quite quickly in Albany Creek and have devoted all my time to the area. I began as a generalist GP but as time went on I developed a passion for aged care – it is wonderful to support the elderly. They have given so much to the community and deserve dignity and comfort as they live out their final years. Our elderly deserve better.

What inspired you to become a doctor?

I was initially inspired to do medicine by the guidance counsellor at school. He assessed my qualities and suggested I do medicine – I am so grateful for his thoughtful direction and looking back I would not change anything about my career pathway. My motivation and inspiration have always come from my colleagues and patients.

What’s your passion personally?

My two sons are my pride and joy. We live locally and they have both grown up and gone to school in the area. My eldest son is studying pharmacy at the University of Queensland. My youngest son is in his final year of school. They have both played cricket and soccer for local clubs. We love to get involved in the local community as well as with our church’s activities. When I want to get away from it all, I love to mountain bike or get out in the four-wheel drive to explore our beautiful country.

What’s your passion professionally?

I have developed skills in palliation and in dealing with extremely complex medical conditions: this allows me to help my elderly patients in the best way possible. I continue to be passionate about general medicine and paediatrics. Basically I love my job as a family doctor and working with the whole family, from birth through to death and everything in between.

I am most interested in paediatrics, aged care and palliative care.

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